How to cleanse the whole body the Dr. Sebi way.

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If you want to cleanse your body of excess mucus and detoxify your body, then you will want to keep reading.

Dr. Sebi was a naturalist and herbalist that found the secret to unlocking a healthy body. The problem is, the way we live and eat causes an excess of mucus to build up in the body. Depending on where it builds up, it will create various diseases.

Dr. Sebi figured out that to fix this problem, all we had to do was eat natural foods that alkalize the body. An acidic body is a breeding grounds for diseases and problems, but an alkaline body makes your whoe body healthy.

Dr. Sebi came up with a diet, which is basically an alkaline diet, which helps to clear out the excess mucus. Some people will follow his diet for the rest of their lives, especially if they have a chronic disease, and there are some who simply follow his 7-day cleanse from time to time when they feel they need to.

There are a few steps to consider when planning to Cleanse the body;


We need to remove all toxins and pathogens that are ACIDIC to our body. In order to “safely” detox the toxins out of our cells, we need to supply it with essential nutrients to neutralize toxins, protect our cells, and remove pathogens SAFELY.


Our gut lining is our first line of defence against the toxins. In order to repair our gut, we need to provide it with immunoglobulins and nutrients to allow it to build defence against the pathogens and toxins.


Our cells need continued supply of essential vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients to keep functioning at its peak level. We believe Food is Medicine. We need to be strategic about what, why, and how to eat the right foods.


Our bodies need constant nourishment to maintain alkalinity. At this phase, it’s all about fine tuning what you’ve done during the DETOX by following an Alkaline diet. If you have been feeling stuck and simply yucky, then your body is screaming at you for this detox.

There are a lot of different detoxes out there, but this article is here to provide you guidelines that are easy to follow using our Bigrootfamily alkaline supplements.

An alkaline diet allows you to take your own health and wellness into your own hands. If you are serious about getting healthy, or at the very least cleansing toxins and mucus from your body, here is a few tips on how to get more out of your cleansing period.


If you want to remove the toxicity in your body, you need to apply fasting to your cleanse. This is because food is the biggest cause of mucus and toxicity. The easiest way to do this is intermittent fasting around your sleep habits.

Step 1: Stop eating after 8pm, drink plenty of water before bed.
Step 2: When you wake up drink a pint of water with your supplements (dosage instructions are on the packs)
Step 3: Break-fast should be fruit, this will allow the body to keep cleansing / detoxing through till lunchtime. (the nutrition pack will feed your body with the nutrients it needs and should help to curb hunger)
Step 4: When you are eating try to avoid carbs, meat and sugar as much as possible. (The cleanse pack will encourage bowel movements)
Step 5: Try and build this pattern into your lifestyle, 3 meals a day is not needed if you are feeding your cells with minerals. Clean water is a natural cleanser so this whole process must be taken with water and more water (plenty). Image result for thebigrootfamily

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